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PACK-A-TANK® is an engineered collapsible water tank designed for storing or transporting drinking water or other liquids.

When rolled and stored, it occupies only 1/20th the volume of the filled tank.

Membrane Fabric

PACK-A-TANK® is made from heavy duty reinforced anti wicking abrasion resistant synthetic fabric approved to NSF * 61 (drinking water) standard recognised by water authorities world wide.

Membrane Strength

PACK-A-TANK® is designed using large safety factors (6 or greater) on the tensile and tear strength of the selected fabrics, for both static and dynamic loads encountered during storage and transport. Fabrics are tested to DIN and ASTM standards recognised worldwide.

Membrane Fabrication

PACK-A-TANK® membranes are sealed by high frequency welding and reinforced on openings and corners. The unique dual welded seam design ensures that no leakage or weeping can occur. All tanks are pressure and leak tested at manufacture.

Minimum Specifications of Membrane

Base Fabric Type:   Polyester or Nylon in Blue or Grey (approx 200gsm)
Finish Coated Roll: ASTM D751 650 – 750 gsm (RF Weldable Compound)
Tongue Tear: ASTM D751 400 / 300 N (Warp / Weft)
Strip Tensile: ASTM D751 ‘B 2800 / 2500 N / 5cm (Warp / Weft)
Adhesion: ASTM D751 90N / 5cm
Hydrostatic Resistance: ASTM D751 ‘A’ 3.45 MPa
Low Temperature: ASTM D2136 Pass @ -20°C
Abrasion Resistance:
(Taber H-22 Wheel – 1000g load)
  Face : 2000 cycles
           25mg / 100 cycles max loss
Potable Water Approval:
  NSF 61
AS/NZ 4020 : 1999

Tank Fittings

All our PACK-A-TANK® collapsible water tanks come with high quality fittings including European 25mm (1”) stainless steel and brass ball outlet valve with female outlet thread for connection of any reticulation fittings.

Inlet, filler fittings come in three sizes with a convenient screw cap.

Hansen 25mm (1") fittings: PW50 Nomads up to our PW250 PACK-A-TANK® Hansen 50mm (2") fittings: PW500 Nomads up to our PW1500 PACK-A-TANK® Hansen 100mm (4") fittings: PW2000 and above PACK-A-TANK®

'D' - Double Bottom Tanks: For very heavy use on rough surfaces a double bottom can be ordered with designation 'D'. This is most suitable for frequently moved tanks.