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Temporary Water Storage Tanks

Swimming pool maintenance is essential, it not only prolongs the life of your swimming pool but also makes it a safe and healthy environment for family and friends to enjoy all summer long.

When a swimming pool or water tank needs to be repair, renovated, or replaced the water often needs to be removed first. This can mean tens of thousands of litres of water will need to be stored or put down the drain and then after the job has been completed you will need to pay to have the Pool or Tank re-filled.

Store & Recycle With Water Storage Tanks

When large volumes of the water are needed to be stored and then recycled, our Temporary Water Storage Tanks are perfect for the job:

  • Swimming pool renovations;
  • Swimming pool resurfacing or repair;
  • Concrete or metal water tank repairs or replacement;
  • Swimming pool balance tanks;
  • Agricultural storage tanks for crops and animals;
  • Water storage during infrastructure.

Super heavy duty Membrane that can fold up for easy storage or transportation, PACK-A-TANK occupy 1/20th the space of a conventional rigid tanks.

When in use support frames are NOT required as Tanks are self-supporting.

Temporary Water Storage Tanks come with:

  • Hansen large 50mm (2”) Top Filler with cap.
  • European 25mm (1”) Stainless Steel and Brass Ball Outlet Valve.
  • Larger camlock or other fittings can be supplied on request.

Inlet & outlet can be located on sides or ends of tank to suit application.

Extra fittings, flexible hose & pump kits available.

Our water storage tanks are available in 4 Standards Sizes, custom sizes are available on request up to 100,000 litres.

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Temporary Water Storage

Water Storage Tanks

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Our Tanks have many uses and come in a wide range of Stocked Sizes:

Bladder Tanks are available on request up to 100,000 Litres. Contact Us for more information.

Water Storage Tanks