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Everyone loves spending time with their friends and family enjoying the great outdoors camping, caravanning, or off on 4WD adventures.

When preparing for these trips, maximising space to make sure you can fit in all your supplies is essential. Especially having enough drinking water without filling your vehicle with plastic bottles.

PACK-A-TANK® Water Tanks

Here at PACK-A-TANK® we manufacture collapsible water tanks designed for storing and transporting drinking water. Our water tanks are made using a heavy duty synthetic fabric approved to NSF * 61 (drinking water) standard and recognised by water authorities worldwide.

Water tanks can be refilled and used over and over again, then rolled and stored to only 1/20th the volume of the filled tank. Using our water tanks is the environmentally friendly option plus you’ll be saying good bye to plastic bottles for good.

Water Tanks

Our water tanks are super strong but also have the flexibility to fit into most spaces.

Water Tanks for 4WD, Camping, Caravanning and Boating

With the outdoor adventurer in mind we have specially designed the Backseat 80L water tank, this has been sized to perfectly fit in the backseat foot well of most 4WD and SUV vehicles when full.

Another favourite among the 4W Drivers is our larger PAT 125L water tank, this can be laid flat along the backseat or in the tray. These are also a great size for Camping, Caravanning or Boating trips.

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We are happy to custom our WATER TANKS, in any SIZE, to fit any SPACE!

Pricing and Delivery

We can delivery anywhere worldwide.

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Water Tank Sizing

Standard sizes are stocked from 50 to 5,000 Litres and on order to 20,000 Litres.

We can custom any water tank up to 1000,000 Litres (26,000 USG)